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Just 3 steps to your cheap flight.

1. Start flight contest

You know where you are going and you already have a price to be undercut? Or do you want the cheapest flight right away? Then initiate your request easily and free of cost.

2. Let experts search

Our flight experts will now search, using a few tricks, and find the best connections for you in just one day. In doing so, they try to undercut each other. You get the results conveniently via e-mail.

3. Choose an offer.

Now choose from the various affordable flight offers from our experts. You only have to pay if you opt for one of these offers.

Cleverflight ... the smart alternative to travel inexpensively!

Easily and cleverly save travel costs Enter your cheapest flight fare Within one day we'll undercut the price Select Super Offer

You've finally found your dream vacation - it's just the price you do not like? Then you are exactly right with Cleverflight! A cheap flight to Thailand? A trip to Bali? No matter where the wanderlust pulls you, with Cleverflight you can start a Flight Price Comparison, which is unique. If, for example, the flight to Bali has a certain price which needs to be undercut, just enter the website where you have found the flight along with its price and start the contest, at which time all the experts will compete to find a Top Offer. The contest between the flight experts to compare the flights will run for 24 hours, then you can choose the lowest priced flight.

What distinguishes Cleverflight from other flight search engines?

Compare flights? Many search engines can do this, but only with Cleverflight "real" people do it. That means, if you search for cheap flights with Cleverflight or even for the absolute best price for an Around the World Ticket , many travel specialists worldwide are involved in this search.

Be on the safe side with Cleverflight!

The money back guarantee and the payment option of only paying if the best offer was selected provides security. As you can compare flights beforehand, you decide at your leisure and, after you've decided on the payment method, you will then get the details about your flight.

Be smart and save a lot on travel expenses!

Cheap flights to Australia? Flight to Bali? Holidays in the USA? Trip through Europe? Or would you prefer to fly to Thailand? With Cleverflight you choose your destination and get the absolute best price!

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